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Charge Card handling, Pricing and Shipping Options.

Payment Processing
When you place an order you will receive a conformation of that order.
The confirmation you received is just a confirmation that the order is accepted and that you actually own the charge card and it can handle the charge. We do not charge your card until the items are about to leave the building. Note if you use a Debit card the funds may not be available in your account for 7 days or so due to them being frozen. This is a banking function and has nothing to do with our system.

Prices subject to change without notice. We try to hold price as best we can but with the economic since 2009 costs can vary dramatically from week to week. While the US Dollar is stronger against the EURO, British Pound and Canadian Dollar we are weak against the YEN at this time. (the US dollar as been as low as 50% weaker since 2008. In 2008 one US Dollar would buy 116-120 YEN, the beginning of 2009 it dropped to only 90 YEN and continued its decline until the middle of 2013 we saw it go as low as being worth only 74 YEN for that same dollar.). This is due to the banks playing games with mortages and the government letting it happen as well as a little big money gambling called the  "Carry Trade" which is basically the same problem we had when gasoline went up to $5.00 per gallon. Investors betting with our money futures.

We only estimate shipping costs with our order system. It will be calculated before shipping.
We have no way of offering an actual cost to ship due to the over 14,000 parts we carry between Honda, Yamaha and aftermarket (sizes of boxes needed and weights of items cannot be determined until packaged).

We attempt to use the most economical means of shipping based on your location on the planet and the speed you have requested the items get to your location. Sorry, we cannot offer FREE shipping.

Most of our shipping within the United states is via Priority mail which is very quick and reasonably priced. Any large packages, such as cowlings, and very heavy items are shipped via UPS. Express mail is generally the least expensive option for overnight service. Some locations in the US are not guaranteed so we will use UPS which will be more expensive but guaranteed. For most shipments out of the USA Express mail is the quickest with the least amount of hidden customs costs. The US Postal Service now has limited the options for parcels shipped out of the US and many times the lesser expensive service is only a few dollars cheaper but more than doubles the time in transit.
If we determine the cost to ship to you is more than we would want to pay we will send you an email asking for your decision.
We have also found that many items, some of our over seas customers ask us for, may be manufactured on their side of the pond and we will try to offer a sales point closer to them to place their order with.

Some issues we are now faced with concerning import to the US that may also affect our shipments to other countries.
You should check you country's newest import laws.

Some issues have developed in business concerning products being shipped in from outside the USA that have created some new hurtles. There are new rules about freight on passenger planes entering the US. Our border patrol will not allow packages from some countries on planes any longer since bombs were found in freight parcels. Our suppliers in Japan have filed all the necessary paperwork for this not to affect our shipments too badly in the future but it has slowed a couple of shipments so far. We only found this out when some items shipping from Holland via Priority mail were put on a container ship which delayed the shipment by over a month. Our supplier did not know this was the case until he tracked the parcel that we both thought was lost. We were told that any Priority Mail parcel which weighs over 0.5 KG will travel by ocean rather than be allowed on a passenger airliner. The package shipped on the 15th of Dec and did not arrive until the 20th of January. We have taken steps to avoid these issues in the future  but the rules can change again causing more problems.

Just another thing to deal with.