Carbon Tech Reeds

The motors are getting more and more advanced as are the parts inside them. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Carbon Tech reeds are made from aerospace grade 100% carbon fiber, meaning they last longer and give better performance than any other reed available. We supply Honda HRC of Japan with our reeds because they last the longest and give consistent performance. Our reeds are available in different tensions to suit the track and driving style; Low Tensions (LT) are generally better for tight tracks, and High Tensions (HT) work better for long straights and wide open tracks. Use the same reeds that Scott Speed uses; Carbon Tech reeds.

Honda Roadrace Reeds 
CC Model Year Part # Performance Information Retail  
50 NSR50   129LT Better Midrange & Good Top End $47.95
125 RS125 84-02 106MT Better Midrange & Good Top End $54.95
106HT Better Top End $54.95
A-Kit 02-03 132LT-KIT   $109.95
250 RS250 1992 263LT Better Midrange $109.95
93-02 264LT Better Midrange & Good Top End $109.95
Yamaha Roadrace REEDS
CC Model Year Part # Performance Information Retail  
50 YSR50 ALL 101HT Improved top end $33.95
125 TZ125 02-03 270LT Better mid to top end $109.95
250 TZ250 89,91-02 270LT Better mid to top end $109.95
TZR250     Better mid to top end $109.95
RD250, 350, 400 All 205HT Improved High RPM Power $94.95
350 RZ350 All 245LT Better Torque Curve $94.95
245HT Top End Power Use Only $94.95
500 RZ500 All 405M Mono Petal Design Improves Powerband $188.95


One of the main factors in the incredible popularity of the VForce3 Reed Valve System is the horsepower gains. The VForce design widens peak power and increases the horsepower over the entire range of the power band. These results are readily seen on the dyno and can also be felt "seat-of-the-pants".



RS125 V-Force3 Reed assembly                           $148.00 
V-Force3 - Delta 3" 602 Cage" - Reed Petal Set    $59.95

VF-2P090-1 V-Force2 - Delta 2 "09 Cage" - Reed Petal Set         $59.95
VF-G01 V-Force2 - Delta 2 "09 Cage" - Gasket HON/SUZ                     

The Speed Fiber  Carbon Airbox for Honda RS125

SFairboxRS125 Speed fiber Air Box, Carbon without intake 
SFintakeRS125 Speed fiber Air Box Carbon intake              

Prices Subject to change based on Currency Exchange beteen supplier and US dollar

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This system requires the radiator to be modified to accept the intake snorkel.

An then the bodywork will have to be cut and reinforced to allow the snorkel to exit.