This is list of most of the HRC parts in your bike's parts book. If you do not see what you need, submit a request for a quote on our Order/Quote form and we will get back to you with prices and delivery estimate.

Prices subject to change due to fluctuations in international currency.
We will have a supply of parts at selected races or we can ship from our stock in the US or even direct from Japan in just a few days.

RS125 Honda Pre 1995

E-1 Cylinder, Cylinder Head E-9 Gear Shift Fork & Drum F-6 Fuel Tank F-14  Tach/Cowl
E-2 Left Crankcase Cover E-10 Carburetor F-7  Expansion Chamber

E-3 R. Crankcase Cover

F-8 Rear Wheel
E-4 Water Pump F-1  Cable, Switch, Handlebar F-9 Fuel Brake
E-5 Clutch F-2 Steering Stem, Damper, Front Fender F-10  Brake Pedal. Footpeg
E-6 Crankcase F-3 Front Wheel F-11  Gear Shift Pedal, Swing Arm
E-7 Piston, Crankshaft F-4 Front Brake F-12  Ignition Coil, Wire Harness
E-8 Transmission F-5 Front Fork F-13  Radiator