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There are many Parts and accessories below that we are concidering over-stock and at Closeout Prices in an effort to reduce inventory.
The prices are for US stock only. If additional quantity of any item is needed it will be ordered in at current MSRP (with quantity discounts) if it is still available to be purchased.

If the item does not have a "Buy Now" button: to order please copy and paste the item number into our search page Quantities are Limited!

   Honda - Overstock                                                       

Crankshaft Assembly - Honda CBR400RR NC29 13300-MV4-780
L and N models approx years 1990-1992

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13300-MV4-780 Crankshaft Assy - NC29 Honda CBR400RR
1 Available MSRP $985.00 Special Price $595.00

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Crankshaft plate from parts book


23445-NX4-610 GEAR,M-3RD(P-6),4TH(P-3)
10 Available $156.20  Special $103.09 

23515-NX5-000 GEAR, C-6TH, PLAN-5 - 26T
17 Available $170.27 Special $89.95 

CBR600RR 2007-2010 kit AC Generator parts
Purchased for a customer who backed out, so here is a deal for you!

31110-N1A-D00 Rotor COMP - CBR600RR 2007-2010 kit Current Retail $2,514.00 cost $1,650.00

31120-NL3-750 Stator COMP - CBR600RR 2007-2010 kit Current Retail $2,073.00 cost $1,350.00

38770-NL3-661 UNIT ASSY PGM-FI/IGN - CBR600F4i / F-Sport
2 Available $4
93.80  Special $225.00