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Grand Prix Starting Tool - This Tool has been discontinued until we find another supplier. The shop that had made them has shut down due to the economy.

So, your sitting around the garage, waiting for your race, and you have done everything you can to be as prepared as possible to win. A half hour or so before your race you plug in those $400 to $500 tire warmers you bought because everybody else has them. Without then you may have already lost the race before you even started the bike. You go check the grid sheet again and visit the toilet one more time. Then the announcer calls SECOND CALL so you rush and remove the tire warmers, take the bike off the stand, push start it and wait for LAST CALL while warming your motor. All the while your tires have cooled down to the temperature they were when the tire guy mounted them for you. Why did you spend the money on the tire warmers?

The Gran Prix Starter is a tool designed to work with a reversible 3/8" drill. Within in its deep socket is a high quality one way clutch. The socket drives the stator to start the motor without putting strain on or rounding the stator nut. You will need drill one access hole in your fairing.

This tool allows you to start your bike while it is still on the stand with the tire warmers on. So, if for no other reason this device justifies your tire warmer purchase. 

Only available for '95 and up RS125s

Order Number: C2START4125 for '95 up RS125 $114.95


Works with 3.8" reversible drill.

Access hole in lower fairing.
Drives on stator nut.

Does not include drill.