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MyChron Light TG: Overview

The MyChron Light TG lap timer is a compact digital lap timer designed for motorcycle and auto racing. It's a portable lap timer that mounts "on board" on the handlebars of a motorcycle or the dash of a race car.

MyChron lap timers have been considered standard equipment in motorcycle racing for nearly a decade. Now the new MyChron Light TG has set yet a new standard with unparalleled power, function and ease of use. The MyChron Light TG is perfect for motorcycle road racing, motocross, auto racing and more - anywhere a compact, reliable lap timer is needed.

MyChron Light TG Motorcycle Lap Timer - great for auto racing as well!

The MyChron Light TG is a compact digital lap timer designed for motorcycle racing. Photo courtesy Motorcycle-USA.com.

MCTGtimer6v $299.00 with 6 Volt Internal battery & Lap Beacon 

MCTGtimer12v $399.00 with 12 Volt External battery (wire into your motorcycles electrical system) & Lap Beacon  OUT OF STOCK

MCTGtimerUSB $59.00 Light TG USB Download Kit 

The Display: Big, Bold and a Thing of Beauty

The advanced pixel-based display uses fonts visible with 20/20 vision at 40 feet. Combined with a display angle of +/- 45 degrees, and you've got a display that cannot be missed - no matter how fast you're going.

Your choice of color: high contrast green LCD or brilliant blue backlight. The high luminosity blue display will astonish you with its brilliance and clarity (requires 12V power).


Segment Timing Used by the AMA


One benefit of the segment system is to help teams better analyze bike set-up and make competitive adjustments by isolating distinct sections of a race track. For example, a team can determine how its rider is doing specifically in the whoop section compared to other riders.

“From an informational standpoint, segment times are an accurate way to determine a rider’s specific strengths and whether or not adjustments are needed.”

--Conrad Young, AMA Supercross/Motocross Timing and Scoring Manager. Full article.

Split Personality

When used with dedicated optical beacons, you can have up to 5 split times (segments).  By dividing the track into segments, you can analyze performace through certain sections to optimize bike set up and driving techniques. The split times will tell you which section - straightaway, curves, whoops, etc - is slowing you down the most so you can improve it. By using the TG track split times as you practice, you'll be able to directly compare your race data.

The MyChron Light TG lap timer manages split times in three ways: Accumulative, Variation, and Sector. Accumulative Split Time shows the total time elapsed at the split. Variation Split Time shows the difference (variation) between the current split time and the previous split time, so you can see how you are progressing through that segment. Sector Split Time shows shows the time for each split (sector) as you go. Download the product manual to learn more about how this works.

Session Modes

Choose the session mode that fits: Lap, Qualify or Race Mode. The default mode is Lap, which shows an incremental lap counter. Qualify mode displays the remaining time until the end of the session. Race mode shows how many laps remain in the race.

Now You See Them - Now You Don't

Smart menus and button labels change as needed for ease of use. Our design and usability experts have spent hundreds of hours studying and designing display layouts to ensure drivers have just what they need, and nothing more to clutter things up.

Make it Your Own

A pixel-based display means you can customize the display however you like, including the display of custom graphics, logos and images. The 128 x 64 pixel display is 2.4" x 1.3" (61 x 31 mm).  Upload your team logo to display every time the Light TG lap timer starts up.

Dissection 101

Drop the scalpel and grab some more throttle. Preset soft button configurations (smart buttons) provide easy access to custom views and options in a hurry.

Lap Times Leveraged

The TG Lap Timer includes an integrated Clock and Calendar that puts an indelible time and date stamp on every lap of every session, so you have a solid performance data archive. You also attach a track names to laps. Compare lap times on the same track from month to month, year to year.

Data Review

With 128 kb of memory, the TG lap timer can store up to 1200 laps in memory. The TG's non-volatile memory retains data in memory even when the power is off. Review your data on screen or within our Light Analyzer software (optional). A powerful internal database manages laps and can store up to 50 track names. Onscreen display review items include: best laps, time and date, Best of the Best, Theoretical Best and Best Rolling. Display modes include table and histogram.

USB Download

The optional USB (300 kb/s) cable allows you to download the data from the TG lap timer to your PC for archiving and analysis with our Light Analyzer software. The USB connection also allows you upload firmware upgrades from your PC to the TG. Download the product manual to learn more about how this works.

Safe and Secure

The TG has a generous 128 kb of non-volatile memory, enough for 2000 laps. Non-volatile memory means your data is saved even when the batteries are out. Use track subdirectories to organize your laps and get to them quickly. Internal power comes from included "coin" batteries at 6V, or from external 12V power.

What Do I Get?

The MyChron Light TG lap timer comes with the display, IR sensor/receiver, and IR beacon/transmitter. The kit is ready for race day whether you are racing super moto, road course motorcycles, oval cars or road course autos. An optional download kit with USB download cable and Light Analyzer software is available.

Unlike other systems that have an extra button on the handlebars that you press each lap, the TG reads an optic (infra-red) beacon placed at the side of the track for a consistent and accurate timing every time. Use additional beacons around the track to mark your segments. The IR beacons share a common frequency, enabling racers to share a set of beacons on the track for easy comparison. Unlike embedded magnetic strips, the IR beacons are compact and portable.

Need More Power?

The MyChron Light TG Log adds on a full data logger with 8 MB of memory and four input channels: RPM, temp, speed and throttle.

MultiChron Stopwatch

By The Numbers

The MultiChron stopwatch is a versatile hand-held digital lap timer that tracks up to four different racers simultaneously. Its generous memory lets you quickly see best laps and scroll through all of the laps to review the race, up to 99 laps per driver. But we didn't stop there - you can also have up to 9 splits per competitor, per lap.

The MultiChron is suited for any racing situation including motorsports, swimming, running, track and field and other athletic events. It makes a great gift for anyone involved in competitive sports.

Start Me Up

The MultiChron stopwatch features 2 different starting modes to match a variety of racing situations.

"One Start Mode" allows you to activate the start for all drivers by pressing only one button for races where all drivers start at the same time.

"Multi Start Mode" allows you to activate the timer for each driver independently, for races where drivers start at different times.

Innovative programming allows you to select "Multi-Key" or "One Key" timing modes, depending on the racing situation, making it easy to get accurate times even when your racers are close together at the lap marker.

What's Included?

With a rugged, attractive case, and bright backlight display, the MultiChron stop watch and handheld lap timer will be your new best friend at the track. Priced at $145, the MultiChron includes a neck lanyard, batteries and is available Titanium color.

MultiChron Stopwatch from AIM Sports Titanium

Download the MultiChron stopwatch user's manual (PDF) for more information.