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CRP Racing Products
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CRP Racing, founded in 2006, is a young and dynamic Italian company involved in the use of high-technology in moto-sport with the collaboration of the mother company CRP Technology that can praise long experience in racing.
They have succeeded not only in the Road Racing Italian Championship and Honda Trophy, but the team also obtained two wild-cards for MotoGP at Mugello and Misano in 2008. For the season 2009 the team has conquered the Honda Trophy title and they have raced the Italian Gran Prix MotoGP at Mugello.
                            The same engine parts that made CRP so successful in
                           125 class GP Racing in Europe are now available to you!

Honda Disc Valve Kit

New two stroke engine equipped with front disc valve and CNC-machined crankcase.
From standard Honda 43CV at 12900rpm and 2,5 Kgm torque at 12600 rpm to performances equal to 52,95Hp, and 2,94 Kgm torque.
New CNC-machined aluminum crankcase.
Better fuel transfer.
Use of innovative technologies like Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping.

Honda Power Valve Reed Kit - Click on pictures for a larger view
Due to volatility of the US Dollar price are listed in Euro To convert CLICK HERE or
Email for current pricing!

Aluminum alloy crankcase CNC machined from billet
10,500.00 EURO

Left Crankcase cover

Right Crankcase cover


CRP cylinder with exhaust valve
4,250.00 EURO (will need Exhaust pipe joint below)

Aluminum Clutch Plates

Aluminum alloy head inserts (volume 11,3 and 11,6)
150.00 EURO

Cast cylinder head cover
3000.00 EURO

Exhaust pipe joint
250.00 EURO

Titanium exhaust pipe
1,800.00 EURO

Steel exhaust pipe
850.00 EURO

Silencer - Diameter 24/24.5/25/25.5/26/26.5
350.00 EURO

Aluminum reed valve complete of rectifier, carbon reed valves, stoppers and spacers
775.00 EURO

Reed valve rectifier
175.00 EURO

Spare reed valves for CRP aluminum reed valve

Electronic control unit (ECU) including wire harness and CDI

Hi performance Generator assembly
900.00 EURO

Magnetic Gear Shifter position sensor including gear shift drum and aluminum housing

Honda Non Power Valve Reed Kit

All Items the same as above with exception of necessity of CNC machining of standard crankcases (not included), use of standard case covers and steel bushes for special needle crankshaft bearings and the use of the non power valve cylinder 2,800.00 EURO (will need Exhaust pipe joint above 250.00 EURO)
CRP announces unveiling of its first electric motorcycle - CLICK HERE for more information