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Sorry but we cannot Ship oils, liquids and aerosols via any type of air freight especially for shipments outside the USA.

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This Oil has been Discontinued.

CASTROL Motorcycle A747 2 Cycle Oil
Race Proven!
  • High viscosity, low ash, part Synthetic lubricant.
  • Specially formulated for use in water-cooled, 2-stroke engines
    during road racing and motocross conditions.
  • Special additive to prevent throttle slide sticking in all weather.
    SOLD OUT!!
24585 A747 Castrol Competiton
Pre Mix - 1 liter
(Qty discount
for a case lot)
Best Price by the case!

A747 Castrol Case of 12 1 liter bottles

(Must ship via UPS Ground -
USA sales only - no air freight)



  • Multi-purpose, copper-based anti-seize compound
  • Prevents sticking or seizing of parts subjected to high temperatures like spark plugs, back of disc brake pads, heat exchangers and exhaust manifold bolts
  • Application range: -40F to +2,190F
  • Available in 100g jar with brush, 18 per case, and 100g tube, 12 per case; sold each
Part # Description   Retail
3701-0001  100g jar w/ brush $10.75
3701-0002  100g tube   $9.95 

Sorry but we cannot Ship oils, liquids and aerosols via any type of air freight especially for shipments outside the USA.




RC-20 is the safest and most technologically advanced cooling system treatment on the market!

RC-20 is a liquid additive that CLEANS, LUBRICATES, PROTECTS, and CONDITIONS your cooling system . The product consists of a PH STABILIZER for acid/alkaline balance, an OXYGEN SCAVENGER that prevents pitting and erosion, a LUBRICATING ingredient that allows hoses, seals, o-rings and water pumps to operate efficiently. The cleaning action is allowed by a unique physical-chemical property that attacks corrosion and mineral scale deposits. This cleaning action, breaks down the corrosive deposits into molecular sizes, deforming their shape: making it impossible to recombine and form solids, leaving them in a soft, floating, harmless condition, which also prevents even the slightest blockage of the system.

The cleaning action is continuous leaving your system clean, by forming an organic barrier further preventing any oxygen combination. WATER CONDITIONING is accomplished by a surfectant agent, IMPROVING HEAT TRANSFER, making water a more efficient coolant itself.

Unlike other products on the market, RC-20 will NOT CRYSTALIZE or GRANULATE, you WILL NOT experience any type of "CHALKY" BUILD-UP OR RESIDUE in your radiator or cylinder head. RC-20 is NON-TOXIC, and will not cause injury to skin or eyes, it's SAFE FOR ALL METALS, PLASTICS, AND RUBBER. RC-20 requires no special handling or shipping requirements.

DIRECTIONS: We recommend mixing 2-3 oz of RC-20 to 1 gallon of distilled water. RC-20 is available in 8 oz bottles.

RC20 Cooling System Treatment  

  • Run Cooler Temperatures
  • Exceptional heat transfer ability
  • lubricates hoses, seals, o'rings and water pump
  • Leaves no "Chalky" film or residue like other products
  • Safe on all, metal, rubber and racing surfaces
  • Non-toxic and Bio-degradable
Background and history:

RC-20 is the only private label for a leading cooling system treatment manufacturer. The product has been primarily used and marketed towards industrial applications in automobiles, boats, buses, tractors, and diesel trucks. This product has been tested and developed since 1985, and is used worldwide. For example: From Sprint cars in New Zealand and Australia to Fleet's of heavy equipment in the US, Japan, and the middle East, this product has proven itself to be extremely effective in water-cooled vehicles of any type. We've been using this product since 1995 in kart racing, in 80cc,125cc, and 250cc twin cylinder superkarts.

RC-20 vs. straight Water:

We ran 8-10 degrees cooler consistently with RC-20 vs straight water. Tap water or spring water has a high mineral content, which causes deposits and build up, we recommend using distilled water only. Water is the most versatile and effective coolant on the planet! Extreme conditions when run in machinery result in scale build-up, pitting, erosion, and lack of proper lubrication for components like water-pumps,etc.

RC-20 vs. Waterwetter:

We ran 5-7 degrees cooler with RC-20 vs Waterwetter in all types of conditions. Waterwetter contains silica and sodium nitrate, which contributes to making it toxic and hazardous, but more importantly it leaves a white, chalky, residue or build-up in the radiator and cylinder head because of these harmful ingredients. Waterwetter doesn't seem to have any cleaning ability, unlike RC-20. You have to use more of their product, than you do ours. 2-3 oz of RC-20 vs 4oz of Waterwetter

We're not here to make huge, ridiculous, claims about RC-20. The bottom line is that it works better than anything we've seen on the market. Kart racing is a highly competitive sport, this product has more positive qualities than it's competitor. As meticulous and impulsive that racers are by nature, they will welcome this product and only benefit by using it.

This just may be the most unbelievable product you have ever used; Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is here!

Everyone wants better performance and our racing, riding and driving areas are diminishing because ecologists constantly claim we damage or permanently ruin the surrounding lands.


Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is biodegradable, phosphate free & non-toxic; while reducing operating race temperatures by as much as 50F and effectively keeping boil over temperatures to 256 F or less and freeze-up protection to -27 F.

Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is premixed with de-ionized water to protect your water cooling system from scarring, scaling and to effectively provide "prolonged optimum operating temperatures."

"Right out of the bottle" Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is "ecologically safer" than regular coolants for wildlife and the environment. What's even more amazing is that it works far better than most any other engine coolant on the market.

Because of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant's non-toxic phosphate-free formula, it's even safer for people and pets too!

We at CycleLogic are avid racing enthusiasts since 1975 and we demand performance and we appreciate free, open areas made possible by our local and federal governments as well as private land owners. We recognize the "effort" it takes to "keep" them free.

Join our family and the other racing enthusiasts who enjoy our product.

At CycleLogic, we believe we are doing our part for the riders, the racers, our free lands, the environment & wildlife.

81081100 Half Gallon Bottle $19.95