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Weight of OEM Honda RS125 wheels: Front = 6 pounds 1/2 oz and rear = 7 pounds 2/10oz

These wheels fit the Honda RS125, and NSF250 as well as the Moriwaki MD250
Contact us for current Availability, delivery ETA and Cost.


Marvic Penta Cast Magnesium Wheels

Weight: Front 5 pounds & 9.1 ozs
               Rear 6 pounds & 6.7 ozs

HO02A57250B RS125 Penta Honda 250x17
Black Marvic Magnesium Wheel

HO05P57350B RS125 Penta Honda 350x17
Black Marvic Magnesium Wheel

HO02A57250W RS125 Penta Honda 250x17
White Marvic Magnesium Wheel

HO05P57350W RS125 Penta Honda 350x17
White Marvic Magnesium Wheel

Marvic Assen Forged Magnesium Wheels

For big horsepower savings & quicker steering response lower the rotational mass of your wheels.
Each ounce of weight reduction on the rim is equal to about 24  pounds of weight at 100MPH!


Weight: Front 3 pounds & 15 ozs
               Rear 4 pounds & 15.7 ozs

HO50AM77250B RS125 Assen Honda 250x17
Black Marvic Forged Magnesium Wheel


HO52PM77350B RS125 Assen Honda 350x17
Black Marvic Forged Magnesium Wheel

HO50AM77250T RS125 Assen Honda 250x17 Titanium/Dark Silver  Marvic Forged Magnesium Wheel

HO52PM77350T RS125 Assen Honda 350x17 Titanium/Dark Silver Marvic Forged Magnesium Wheel

Up until now a specific wheel for 125 GP class has been never designed and produced.
Marvic, with its 20 years of experience in the competitions world, has created a special forged wheel available both in magnesium and aluminum, with incredible technical contents at absolutely reasonable cost. Thanks to its essential and effective design, machining times and costs has been considerably reduced and simplified.
The new model Assen represents a good alternative to the Penta model, and it is a fundamental advantage for all the Teams engaged in this so hard-fought class.
Lightweight magnesium wheels for closed course competition. Top teams in AMA roadracing, as well as GP racing use Marvic wheels. Wheels are stocked in popular widths. Special orders can be accommodated. Wheels are finished in either a Black or White Powder Coat. Some wheels are available in a gold chromate finish for painting by the end user
Wheels are listed by part #. We can provide matched sets for most applications, and can provide mixed sets, such as GSXR series front, and SV rears for Suzuki SV racers who have swapped out the front suspension.
Wheels are supplied with necessary adapters and cush drive. Valve stems are included. The front stem is a 90-degree model on most applications.
PERFORMANCE - We have documented improvement in both ET and MPH in drag race applications. For a Hayabusa, one can expect to see your ET drop by 0.15 sec. MPH should increase by 2mph. This is the equivalent to about 3HP more in the motor.
STRENGTH - Marvic wheels are among the toughest on the Market. Our current record for the highest HP bike using Marvic wheels is 580hp. We are looking for more.
WARRENTY - All Marvic wheels purchased directly from Yoyodyne or an Authorized Dealer are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for 1 year.