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Engine Rebuild Packages

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RS125 Parts Books
1991 RS125 Parts book
1994 RS125 Parts book
1995 RS125 Parts Book
1996-1997 RS125 Parts Book
1998 RS125 Parts Book
2001-2002 RS125 Parts Book
2004-06 RS125 Parts Book

Other Parts books

OEM Parts Lists
RS125 Pre 1995   RS125 1995-1999

Technical Information
Points of engine and frame assembly
Notes on maintenance (engine)
Notes on maintenance (frame)
Conservation for engine power
Running in / Warming up / Position adjustment
Optimizing riding position
How to proceed suspension setting vol.1

Basic concept of power jets
Setting using detonation counters
Settings according to seasonal conditions
Function of carburetor parts
RS125R Parts combination according to model years

CDI Cross Reference List


Need to do a Motor Rebuild?





To make it easier to process the order and to save you some costs we have come up with motor rebuild packages.

We have packs for the Honda RS125 and RS250.

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We have supplied Excel spread sheet files to help you in ordering engine rebuild parts.
These are Kevin Murry's of MCE Racing suggested lists. We can drop ship these parts to Kevin or any other rebuilder you use. Just click on the one you need to open or copy to your computer. You can fill in the quantities you need and attached these lists to an email to us. Just click cancel if your browser asks for a password.


Engine Parts and Accessories
   Reeds and Reed cages
Racing Clutch for the Honda RS125
EBC Main Jets
Chassis Parts and Accessories
Brake Pads and Parts
Cowling Parts - Fairings, Seats and Fenders
Rear Sets and parts
Electric Shifters

Carbon Swing Arm Guards

Frame Sliders RS125
Low Friction Wheel Bearings
O'Ringed Exhaust Manifolds
Modified Radiators
   MotoGP A-kit radiator

   Modified for "A" Kit side Intake
VHM Cylinder heads
VHM rod kits
Tire Warmers
Stands - Front and Rear

OEM Parts Break Down
  Rear Set Assemblies                                    

Battle Factory Rear Sets

These Rear Set systems and replacement parts are manufactured by Battle Factory in Suzuka Japan of high grade Aluminum. All foot levers utilize special flanged bearing which is an original design of Battle Factory. This bearing mounting system gives the levers a very positive and smooth movement.

  Engine Parts and Accessories                       
Engine Rebuild Kits - To make it easier to process the order and to save you some costs we have come up with motor rebuild packages.

We have packs for the Honda RS125 and RS250.

Click here to see what our packages include.

High Performance
Silicone Hose Kits

Intuitive Race Products's
Lightweight Racing Clutch for the Honda RS125 GP Moto!
10 ounces lighter than the stock clutch (11oz if you use after-market billit basket)
Smaller in diameter (Less rotating mass)
100% CNC Billit material
Gator-Grip Friction Plates
Aluminum Drive Plates
Made in the USA!


CRP Racing Products
Passion & Technology running fast
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The same engine parts that made CRP so successful in
125 class GP Racing in Europe are now available to you!

VHM connecting rod kit for RS125
VHM has developed a superior connecting rod for the Honda RS125 crankshafts. The VHM connecting rod is 7 grams lighter then the standard RS125 connecting rod, reducing the reciprocating weight.

The connecting rods are made of the best material which is CNC machined to remove all surface imperfections. The rods are then machined to final size and has then been shot-peened and polished to achieve the ultimate in strength and durability.

The connecting rod kit fits the OEM Honda RS125 crankshaft, the VHM crankshafts AK20015T, AK20017T, AK20018, AK20107A-B and AK20109.
The dimensions is same as the A-kit. Material is same as used in
karting engines.

Weight big end pen Ř24 with hole Ř8 length 54.90 mm = 171.6 gram (is length is same as standard RS125 big end pin)
bearing = 26.1 gram
Rod total= 136.3 gram
Rings = 14 gram

These rods are used in VHM's high performance RS125 crankshafts. They have been tested on dyno under hard conditions with rpm acceleration up to 15500 and then backshift (which is more punishing) up to 17500 and 18000 rpm with no failures. 
CRK07 VHM A-kit connecting rod kit Honda RS125 '00-'10  


These bearings are super high precision and have proved to give better reliability and slightly more power.
Bearings are sold each.
Order 2 if you need a set.

Wossner - High Performance Pistons
As we all are aware Honda OEM pistons for our 2-stroke GP machines have double in price and then double again and some racers have had issues with the new OEM pistons especially in the RS250 Honda. We have been looking for a solution. CLICK HERE


For all those racers that have been looking for Domed Top "A" pistons for your 125 motor!

Honda RS125 new dome piston are now available with 0.8mm piston ring.
The position pin is in the middle of intake port.

Piston kit includes a ring, ris pin and circlips.

O'Ringed Exhaust Manifolds

We have had many racers asking for this item so we had HRC Flanges modified. The flange features o-rings to ensure a tight seal between the pipe and the flange...
Thus, eliminating the need to use the messy "orange goop" (packed with 6 O'rings)                  

Replacement Exhaust Flange o-Rings

One of the main factors in the incredible popularity of the VForce3 Reed Valve System is the horsepower gains. The VForce design widens peak power and increases the horsepower over the entire range of the power band. These results are readily seen on the dyno and can also be felt "seat-of-the-pants".

CLICK HERE for More Reeds and cages

VF-V301C-1H  RS125 V-Force3 Reed assembly                          
V-Force3 - Delta 3" 602 Cage" - Reed Petal Set

VF-2P090-1 V-Force2 - Delta 2 "09 Cage" - Reed Petal Set     
VF-G01 V-Force2 - Delta 2 "09 Cage" - Gasket HON/SUZ        

RS125 Samba Pipes

Superb build quality

Available in various specs depending on application
to fit Honda, Yamaha and Aprilla.

Samba exhaust pipe RS125 - SO19, for Non Power Valve and Standard Cylinders - soft power delivery over a wide spread. You will have to grind the bottom of the chassis and suspension link on the RS125 when fitting to avoid vibration caused cracking.
Samba Silencer - Titanium 26mm ID
Samba exhaust springs 

Battle Factory MotoGP A-kit radiator
This radiator is an improved copy of the MotoGP A-kit radiator. It is used by many GP Teams as it is reputed to provide better performance than the A-kit radiator. The radiator has been modified to bolt on to the stock '04 (e.g., '04 - '07) RS125 stays. (Incidentally, the radiator pictured is the previous version that required custom stays).

The Battle A-kit radiator is assured to provide an extra 5 C °degrees of cooling over a stock RS125 radiator. While cooling is important, the upper section of the Battle A-kit radiator ram air duct is specially shaped to effectively conduct air. Further, the stock radiator is prone to cracking under the ram air intake, but Battle's radiator solves this problem so you can use it with piece of mind.

BA00-050 $3,300.00 

The Speed Fiber  Carbon Air box


Honda RS125 2004 to current
Radiator Assembly
Honda part #19010-NX4-860

Honda RS125 1995-2003
Radiator Assembly
Honda part #19010-NX4-771

Thermostat System
Are you tired of guessing how much duct tape to put on the radiator every time you leave the pits?
Bypass Thermostat for your water cooled two  stroke.
Read this T
emperature Management Article
VHM Cylinder Heads
Billet Clutch Baskets

  Chassis Parts and Accessories                       

Sprocket and BEARING were combined in Cooperation development with the AFAM Corporation. This configuration stabilizes the sprocket thereby cutting down on the wear and tear of the chain and rubber dampers. They are produced in 7075 aluminum alloy, the surface hard Alumite and Teflon coating to decrease friction.
CLICK HERE for more Information
We also carry the RCD and Talon sprocket carriers


Other available
Sprocket carriers


Steering Dampers
One of
Europe's finest damper manufacturer for the racer that accepts no compromises
     CLICK HERE for applications


Specially made to reduce friction and spin the wheels free.
 priced each  

High Quality Frame Sliders RS125

Ebony Frame Slider - RS 125 (fits most years) Intuitive Race Products
(White shown - Only available in Black at this time)

Frame Slider Set for RS125                        
Rearset plate mount



65mm x 65mm x 3mm - these self adhesive carbon pads are mounted to the swing arm behind the rear set step plates to protect the swing arm in the event of a crash.

  Brake Pads and Rotors                                 
Brembo Brakes
CLICK HERE for brembo parts including a New Seal Kit to rebuild the OEM Brembo calipers on your RS125s

BrakeTech Rotors for RS125 Honda - Axis/Iron full foater: 298mm Honda RS125 & other - 100% Billet machined and Cryogenic treated, Ea., RH
For more information CLICK HERE

BTH-29.RX Right Hand side

Honda RS125 Front Brake Caliper Rebuild
We have a lot of racers asking for pistons and seals to rebuild the Brembo Caliper that came with their RS125. Unfortunately these were never meant to be rebuilt and neither Honda or Brembo offer the parts needed for the 2003 or earlier machines. Brembo does offer a higher end racing caliper which is rebuildable. See 20.4756.62 on our Brembo page
The OEM caliper sells for approx $330.00 while the Brembo GP P4 30/34 Caliper sells for approx $640.00

Additional Tools and Work stands - CLICK HERE

RS125 Engine work stand
Leak-Down Testing Set RS125, RS250, TZ125 and TZ250

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