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Optimizing riding position
CBR600RR / CBR600F4i / CBR1000RR / RS125R / RS250R
Riding positions
  As you know, rider positioning is one of the most important things in sport riding.
How do you determine your riding position?
The most important thing in determining riding position is to make the position which allows you to "firmly hold the upper half the body" and give you "the upper half of the body which allows you to run without straining yourself".
First, check that the position of your loins does not become unstable or moving during braking.
At this time, if the lower half of the body is not held firmly, unnecessary force would be applied to the upper half of the body (in particular, arms) to put up with braking gravity, making impossible brake control required for circuits.
Also, it would impede the machine's inherent turning capability during cornering, resulting in the "cannot stop or make a turn" state.
First step is to make a position which allows the lower half of the body to be firmly held. Current motorcycles, even racers, contain a somewhat large seat which gives a room for positioning. For this, you may feel a problem in holding yourself. To solve this problem, the rear end of the tank and the seat end will be fitted with sponge, which allows the inside of your sigh to adhere to the rear end of the tank during braking or cornering.
In other words, the tank, step, and seat will be used to firmly hold the machine, thereby enabling the stability of the lower half of the body. The upper half of the body will be moved forward and rearward from the position where the loin (lower half of the body) is determined. Then, if the handle position/height is on the position where loads can be moved forward and rearward, it is acceptable.
Once these positioning are determined, more aggressive machine control can be achieved, resulting in improved lap time.
Example of position making of All Japan championships riders'
  Mr. Takeda's machine VTR1000SP1, who belongs to Sakurai Honda Team, is equipped with tank pads and seat stoppers, which are designed to support the rider body associated with braking or cornering.

Also, steps and seat surface are covered with slip-proof materials, which shows that riders actively try to work on machines.