Moriwaki MD250H
Parts and Accessories
If you are campaigning a Moriwaki MD250H we have most of the replacement parts you may need due to the fact the many items are simply Honda RS125 such as all suspension, brakes and wheels.

We are building stock of all crash damage and chassis parts for this machine. If we do not have it in stock, we can order it in for you. We have cowling stays, cowlings, exhaust part etc in stock. Supply us the part number from the book provided with your bike.
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Parts Books
                           Moriwaki MD250H

Moriwaki MD250H 2008 Model       Moriwaki MD250H 2009 Model   
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Get SHARKSKINZ and feel the difference. SHARKSKINZ started the revolution in material technology and production and continues to lead the market in quality and innovation. Our advanced processes enable us to build the most durable, best fitting and best-finished bodywork available.

MD250H Moriwaki
By Sharkskinz Racing Bodies
                  Fits 2008 and 2009 models

1 Piece Race Upper  SS8014 $265.00

1 Piece Race Lower  SS8015 $180.00

Race Tail W/DraftShield
uses Foam Pad SS8016        $210.00

Tankcover SS8017              $125.00

Front Fender SS8018            $90.00

Other Sharkskinz body is available please contact us with your needs
Moriwaki MD250 2008-2011   windscreens

We had Gustafsson Plastics make us up these bubbles. Due to many factors including currency exchange rates the Moriwaki OEM part #64200-10512-00 was too expensive at over $200.00 so we enlisted the help of a long time US maker of buetiful race windscreens.

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  Rear Set Assemblies

Battle Factory Rear Sets  Use RS125 Rear Sets

These Rear Set systems and replacement parts are manufactured by Battle Factory in Suzuka Japan of high grade Aluminum. All foot levers utilize special flanged bearing which is an original design of Battle Factory. This bearing mounting system gives the levers a very positive and smooth movement.


  Electric Shifting System         
The Battle Shifter by Battle Factory is a lightweight, compact semi-automatic up shifting system that provides quick, smooth shifts every time.
  Countershaft Sprockets                                   

We have the Countershaft sprockets racers have been asking for:
All rear sporockets are the same as Honda RS125

MORIFRT15T 15T Moriwaki MD250H- Talon TG624415154 $51.75
MORIFRT16T 16T Moriwaki MD250H- Talon TG62441516 $51.75
MORIFRT17T 17T Moriwaki MD250H- Talon TG62441517 $51.75
23804-10512-00 SPROCKET, DRIVE, 17T - OEM Moriwaki MD250H $84.38
MORIFRT18T 18T Moriwaki MD250H- Talon TG62441518 $51.75
23805-10512-00 SPROCKET, DRIVE, 18T - OEM Moriwaki MD250H $84.38

Here is a list of some of the parts we have in stock or have brought in and the last Retail prices. As with all Japanese imports the costs will fluctuate due to the current world economy and the US Dollar being 40% behind the Japanese YEN from just two years ago.

Moriwaki or   Last  
Honda Part # Morwaki Description Price  
0A02-08709-KK21 SPRING LONG SILVER  - Moriwaki MD250H $8.60
17910-MEL-000 CABLE COMP. A, THROTTLE . - Moriwaki MD250H 24.6
17920-MEL-000 CABLE COMP. B, THROTTLE . - Moriwaki MD250H 24.6
18110-J3512-02 F. Pipe, Comp., Ex, - Moriwaki MD250 - 18110-J351200→(18110-J3512-02)(18210-J3512-02)  $398.40
18210-J3512-00 T. PIPE COMP.,EX  - Moriwaki MD250 $239.10
18291-MM5-860 GASKET, EX. PIPE. - Moriwaki MD250H $5.10
18910-J3512-00 Silencer assy, exhaust. - Moriwaki MD250H $478.10
18931-L3168-00 Band, Silencer, exhaust. - Moriwaki MD250H $19.10
18940-L3158-10 Silencer Band Stay, , exhaust. - Moriwaki MD250H $4.00
18950-J3512-00 stay,pipe $55.80
23804-10512-00 SPROCKET, DRIVE, 17T - Moriwaki MD250H $71.70
23805-10512-00 SPROCKET, DRIVE, 18T - Moriwaki MD250H $71.70
24706-10512-01 ROD.,CHANGE (MD)  - Moriwaki MD250 $28.70
31910-NL3-871 NGK Sparkplug R0409B-10  - Moriwaki MD250H,  CBR600RR 2007 kit - 31910-NL3-870 $39.10
43111-10512-00 ROD,REAR BRAKE TORQUE - Moriwaki MD250 $15.10
50200-10512-00 sub frame - Moriwaki MD250H $454.20
50600-10512-00 HOLDER STEP, R. - Moriwaki MD250H $106.80
50700-10512-00 HOLDER STEP, L. - Moriwaki MD250H $108.40
50707-10512 Gaurd Left. - Moriwaki MD250H $71.70
50810-10512-00 stay, center,frt cowl 50810-10512-01. - Moriwaki MD250H $127.50
53105-20158-00 Cap, handle pipe - Moriwaki $9.60
53115-10512-00 Pipe, handle  - Moriwaki $30.30
53200-10512-00 Stem, comp., steering, 32.5  - Moriwaki $427.10
64100-10512-00 Cowling Front . - Moriwaki MD250H $812.80
64200-NX4-000 Screen 64200-NX4-000 (MIE-NX4-95C)  $135.50
64240-10512-00 stay, frt upper cowl. - Moriwaki MD250H $60.60
77210-10512 Cowling Seat. - Moriwaki MD250H $430.30
90004-ghb-620 bolt, flange,6x14 $1.40
96001-0602000 flange bolt m6x20 $0.60
980010-06000 flange lock nut m6 $3.50