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2008 RS250R

2002 Specification 

. . . . . . BIKE w/setup kit  :  $24,500 FOB MA
     SOLD OUT - Last production year was 2009

Inspired directly from works. The machines perfection continues attract riders.

The RS250R is powered by an engine, which develops a maximum output of 92ps/ 12500 rpm, featuring dynamic power and high response over the entire engine speed ranges. Also, it employs an original chassis, which provides excellent turning ability as well as stability. The fairing maximizes the rectifying effect from front to rear. A detailed review has been carried out to the front and rear suspension under the theme Perfection to meet the race and stability to meet all kinds of riders.

  • Liquid-cooled 2-stroke crankcase reed valve 75V-twin engine
  • Power jet carburetors with throttle sensor for precise digital control of combustion efficiency and linear throttle response
  • Free-flowing ram air system delivers the power for high-speed competition
  • RC valve ensures both strong low-end torque and dynamic high-end power output
  • Large, high-efficient curved aluminum radiator
  • Chassis architecture of Aluminum twin-tube frame and swing arm combine for lightweight and high rigidity
  • Newly designed front and rear suspension improve intuitive feel
  • Marchesini magnesium wheels contribute to light, responsive handling
  • Cowling designed for optimal wind protection and minimized drag
  • The position of the water-temperature gauge has been repositioned on the upper portion of the panel to provide the rider with an expanded visual field.
Enhancements to front and rear suspensions give further improvements in road stability
The use of low-friction materials for sliding parts has improved the action of the front suspension. Also, the damping characteristics of the pressure-side dampers have been modified to provide linear damping from low speeds, resulting in smoother front suspension action during braking and the throttle on/off operation. Also, the damping characteristics of the rear suspension have been modified to suit the characteristics of the front suspension, leading to better road holding feel when entering corners, as well as an enhanced feeling of stability at the bottom of the stroke. The damping power of the steering damper has been modified to provide room for adjustment to suit the riding styles of a wide range of users. This superior road stability helps riders to take the initiative in fierce competitions.
New meter panel, etc. for more excellent finish
In consideration of the visual field and eye movement of the rider, the design of meter panels has been completely revamped. The coolant temperature gage has been repositioned upwards to provide improved conspicuity. Also, in response to newly developed data loggers, mounting holes have been provided for sift up indicator lamps and detonation indicator lamps. Wire harness is equipped with couplers which are designed for possible data logger use. The engine contains new crank casing with improved wall thickness precision for stabilized weight. Also, the cylinders have been upgraded in quality and reliability. The ease of mounting and removal of the front fenders and carburetor boxes has also been improved. In addition, the size of bolts for fastening the front sprocket has been changed, and the ease for setting and maintenance has also been enhanced.
Optional Parts
Data logger systems, developed by the HRC from years of experience in racing technology are provided as optional parts. In addition, detonation counter (option) to detect engine's defective combustion can help carburetor settings.


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